[*Fixed] AppValley Not Working, Not Connecting/Downloading/Installing & All Errors

Appvalley is one of the amazing application that will let you to download and install tweaked iOS applications and games on your iOS device without Jailbreak or any additional requirements. We have already covered almost all tutorials on our favorite application “AppValley VIP Free App”.

Since the last update rolled out for AppValley, users are experiencing some serious issues while using the app like “AppValley not working”, “AppValley Not Connecting/Servers Down”, “AppValley Now Downloading”, “Not Installing”, “Not loading/Opening”, “Not Signed”, “Untrusted developer warning” while installing applications like Instagram ++. Pandora ++, “AppValley won’t reinstall” and much more. We are up here with giving exact solutions to every issues you face up in a briefed way.


Errors and Solutions of AppValley for iOS

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1. Need to Trust the Appvalley profile every day? Its too Annoying right?

Most of the users have reported this issue, that they want to Trust the AppValley profile frequently like everyday. To make this trust longer, you have 2 options to work out and its listed out below. Choose either of these two options to fix this annoying AppValley Issue.

  • Jailbreak your device, this is one of the quick solution available to make this thing lasts till next update or forever.
  • Secondly, buy an Apple developer account for $100 and sign the application yourself and it will last about for a year and keep repeating the process once it expires.

2.Can’t verify downloaded AppValley apps?

If you download any kind of tweaked app or game from Appvalley. For eg, if you download Snapchat ++ from Appvalley, after few days it will pop up a message like ” Snapchat ++ can’t be verified”. The available solution is listed below:

  • Delete the tweaked application and reinstall. If the issue is for Snapchat ++, just uninstall and reinstall the same. This error shows up cause of the revocation of certificate, there are few more methods to prevent this revoke issue and we have mentioned it in the bottom section of the article.


    Get Apps through AppValley

3. AppValley apps have been revoked? AppValley Apps not working?

Since the last appvalley update got rolled out, users are keep messaging for perfect solution on the above mentioned errors. After a long try and some tweaks, we got few solutions to get over these errors.

  • The first method we are going to mention is to install a third party app called AntiLock/AntiRevoke for iOS. These applications will prevent the downloaded apps from getting crashed or certificate revoke. Once you have installed this app, the certificate revoke issue will be solved to a certain extent.
  • Another solution is to install, Adguard and using its set up block oscp.apple.com. This will help out to a great extent as it will block out the apple’s id and prevents app from being revoked.

For Android Users: AppValley Apk | Download Latest AppValley Apk on Android Mobiles/Tablets Working Update.

4. Nesstool and AppValley wont work together!

  • Nesstool is an application which helps you to avoid certificate revocation of third party apps. But in case of AppValley, Don’t use this tool because they will take clipboard information of your device and block AppValley site from visiting.

5. AppValley can’t be downloaded or not working?

To the point we have to accept that, appvalley is a great application where you can download plenty of paid tweaked apps and games. But now a days, users are not able to download AppValley. We have come up with a working solution for this error.

  • First of all if you have any data files regarding AppValley in your device, just clear it and navigate to  https://appvalleystore.com/ from safari browser and download the latest update of AppValley for your device.
  • Once you done that, go to the settings page and Trust the app certificate. Make sure that the device date and time is accurate.
  • Now you will be able to access the application without any issues.

5. Alternative way to Install Apps and Games on your device using Cydia Impactor.

AppValley supports a great database of third party applications and games with tweaks and mods, the most downloaded apps are:

  • Pandora ++
  • Instagram ++
  • SnapChat ++
  • Pokemon Go++
  • Whatsapp ++
  • NBA ++

The above listed apps certificate are getting revoked most of the times and if you want an alternative way to install these apps, just follow the solution mentioned below:


AppValley Apps Download for Android, iOS & PC

  • Download and Install Cydia Impactor utility.
  • Now you have to download the IPA files of the games and apps you want.
  • Once you have done that, just sideload the downloaded IPA files using Cydia Impactor and that’s it.
  • Go to the settings page and Trust the certificate.
  • IPAsigner is another application that will help you to deal with app signing and certificate issues to certain point. These errors will recur again once the updates roll out again, you need to do deal with the errors with the solution that we have mentioned above.

Hope this article on discussing AppValley errors like “AppValley Not working”,”AppValley Not Connecting”,  “AppValley Not Downloading”, “AppValley Not Installing”, “AppValley Not Signing”, “AppValley Not Working on iOS 11”, “AppValley Not Loading/Opening”, “Untrusted developer warning” while installing applications like Instagram ++. Pandora ++, “AppValley won’t reinstall” and much more have helped you. We have tried our best to give you the most perfect solution. We will keep updating this post on a regular basis, so keep visiting. If you have any issues up, just shoot it through the comments and we will reply you at the earliest.


  1. tanner meredith
      October 31, 2017

    I keep trying to download Spotify++ but everytime I press get, nothing happens. It is like I never even pressed the button, so I keep pressing it and nothing happens. thank you.

  2. Gaylan
      December 5, 2017

    Hi thank for apps

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